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Treasury and Corporate Banking Systems

Search and Implementation

Treasury Management Systems record the details of treasury transactions, hold them in a database, and produce short term and long term reports to assist the management and control of the treasury operations in a company.

There are a large number of systems available in the market, some inexpensive and some very expensive. The cost doesn’t necessarily reflect the capability of the system, and a system which is suitable for one company may not be appropriate for another.

The correct selection and implementation of a system is therefore essential to avoid unnecessary and expensive mistakes. Similarly, a system which is successful in one country or continent may not be suitable for another.

The UserCare Treasury Consultancy has long standing and extensive experience of Treasury management systems, and understands the market to enable you to select a new system in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

Electronic Banking Systems are provided by banks, to provide cash management services for corporate clients. They enable balance and transaction information to be reported in a timely manner, and payments to be initiated. It is not normal to choose a bank on the strength of its electronic banking system, but it needs to be evaluated as part of any search to appoint or replace a transaction bank. 

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